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Information For Parents

Information For Parents

If we have been commissioned to work with your son or daughter we would like to welcome you to A+bility Limited. We may be helping your child to access activities in the community or supporting their education. Their Leading Support Worker will also act as a mentor and help them to set objectives so that they can move forward towards achieving their potential.

We will collect your child and return them at the end of the session. Please pass on any information that may affect the session, either directly to the Support Worker, or by phone to the office. When the support worker drops them off they will give you feedback on how the session went.

All staff have an Enhanced DBS Disclosure. If you meet a new member of staff, please ask to see their badge.

When your child comes out with us, please:

  • Ensure they have any medication/inhalers that they may need
  • Make sure they are wearing practical clothing. They do not need to wear school uniform.
  • Ensure you give us an up-to-date contact number